How do I distinguish between "white" and "black" brokers?

This, by the way, is one of the fundamental differences between "white" and "black" brokers. Another point is even more important: a "white" broker never helps a client using illegal methods.

In particular, a professional brokerage company will never offer you to "organize" a fake 2-NDFL certificate or distort information about you in the borrower's questionnaire.

All the more so that such "help" can turn out to be disastrous: if you have agreed to forge a certificate of lokhod or some other documents, you automatically fall under the Criminal code under the article "Fraud".

Participants in the brokerage market, in particular Vasily Belov, CEO of Fosborn home, Diana Mashtakeeva, President of the National Association of credit brokers and financial consultants, Nikolay Korchagin, Vice-President of the National Association of credit brokers and financial consultants, Dmitry Balkovsky, chief of The independent mortgage lending Bureau, Alexander Grebenko, General Director of Credit and Financial Consultant, and many others have formulated several main features by which you can distinguish between "white" and "black" brokers.

Status. Professional brokers are officially registered and registered companies (legal entities). Only scammers work privately.
Amount of payment. "Black" brokers usually rate their services at 10% or even 25% of the loan amount.
Offered service. The "white" broker never offers "money in an hour" or fake income certificates.,
Advertising. Traditionally, "black" brokers advertise their services through spam mailings and Newspapers of free ads.
Communication tools. "White" brokers have an office, a website, and a landline phone number. "Black" usually work without an office, offer customers meetings in cafes, indicate mobile phones in advertising.

What do financial supermarkets and financial consultants do?

In addition to brokers, borrowers can also use the services of similar organizations – so-called financial supermarkets and financial consultants.

A financial supermarket is a company that offers its customers a variety of financial products: loans, deposits, insurance policies, etc.their main advantage is the richness of choice and the possibility of comparison.

If a Bank or insurance company only provides you with the terms of their own products, then a financial supermarket can offer you a choice of deposits, loans, and insurance from several dozen banks and insurers. This will allow you to choose the best option for you.

One of the first financial supermarkets in Russia was the company "creditmart".

Financial advisors are similar in many ways to credit brokers. They can advise you on any financial issues and help you choose the most profitable product for you. And not only credit, but also any other, up to the services of investment companies.

After evaluating and analyzing your assets (property and savings), income and property interests, financial consultants will offer you a choice of several financial plans that will help you achieve your goals.

Moscow-based companies Infinado, Zolotoy Vorota, and Personal capital became the first sign of financial consulting that was put on stream. Member companies of the Association of credit brokers also perform financial consulting functions.

Today, if you take out a loan through a credit broker or use the services of financial supermarkets and financial consultants, this is no longer exotic, but a common practice.

In this case, you can count on the fact that you will be satisfied with such cooperation, and it will bring you real benefits.